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Vansan Submersible Motor 7" Model 10SV4600-7M3 60 HP 460 V 3 PH

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Water cooled motors with encapsulated resin filled stator. Coupling dimensions and flange according to NEMA standard.

General Features

5,5-60 HP / 3PH. 380-415 Volts / 50Hz

High efficiency provides operation cost savings

Motor casing and shaft made of AISI304L stainless steel (Optional AISI316L)

High resistance coated cast iron upper and lower bracket (Optional AISI304L / AISI316L) Water lubricated Kingsbury type thrust bearings

Protection IP68

Sand slinger protection

Pressure equalizing diaphragm

Insulation class F

Removable lead cable

Starting method D.O.L. and star/delta

Operating Limits

Max. voltage fluctuation: ±10%

Max. water temperature: 35°C with at least 0.16 m/s of water flow speed Max. motor startings per hour: 20

Max. immersion depth: 350 m

Standard mounting position: vertical and horizontal

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